About Us
Formed by wife and husband artists Isabella (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Justin (Brooklyn, N.Y.), BellaPhame is a project known for its distinct green and purple visual identity. While living in Portugal, the duo developed a practice with collage and screen printing, leading to their collaboration. 
Justin’s background in the late 90’s New York graffiti scene and Bella’s illustration career in Rio inspired the synergy present in the aesthetics and content of their work. 
Through public art, they’ve been exploring cross-cultural similarities, creating a connection with communities through locally crafted word searches. 
BellaPhame had solo exhibitions in Portugal and the United States, participating in art residencies in North Carolina and California. They were part of mural festivals in Portugal, the U.S., and Mexico. 
The artists currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Our Work
Our collaborations began on a collage project. We noticed a parallel between analog collage and our personal story: the union of different pieces to create a new meaning, which would not exist if they remained separate. It inspired us to study and explore the concept of interconnection by blending our cultural backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge into one body of work.
Our color palette reflects this theme: green and purple can only exist through the mix of primary colors. They’re the cohesive element in all techniques we work with, such as screen printing, spray paint, and acrylic. Creating public art allowed interactions that impacted our purpose. We wanted to invite people to engage with the art, and the word search game became a way to do so. 
The HeartHug design, a recurrent symbol in our street installations, celebrates unity through diversity and is present on murals, hand-made paste-ups, and stickers we spread through the cities we visit. 
We want our work to transcend cultural and ideological barriers, inspiring collaboration and understanding in an increasingly polarized world.
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